This is the personal web space of physics and algebra related interests of Jens Köplinger (U.S.: Koeplinger). Contact: jenskoeplinger@gmail.com


I am holder of a Diplom (M. Sci.) in physics from the University of Heidelberg, Germany (1993-1999), and have a passion for investigating more or less exotic algebras for potential applicability in description of physical law. This includes quaternions, octonions, sedenions, and other Cayley-Dickson constructs on the "less exotic" side, and a limitless pool of "more exotic" opportunities.

My primary interests are investigation into quantum gravity from four dimensional Euclidean space-time, and finding a quantum theory to support such quantum gravity in principle. Somewhat independent from this, I investigate exotic number system proposals for validity of claimed scope.

Secondary interests include computer generated music from algorithms with primitive inputs, and generating graphical representations of fractal algorithms based on defining algebraic primitives of certain exotic number systems.

During daytime hours I work as Sr Software Engineer (AVP), Technology, Data, and Innovation at Deutsche Bank (Cary, NC, USA).




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